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DeskTop Author is an ebook or electronic publishing software that allows you to quickly, easily and professionally create & sell electronic publications such as eBooks, eCatalogs, ePresentations, photo albums and much more.
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Smart marketing with clever collateral - August 2003


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Smart marketing with clever collateral

The genesis of documents that think

Sydney, Australia - August 2003 – DNAml PTY LIMITED (DNAml) – Marketers across a broad range of industries are increasingly adopting an innovative approach to the electronic presentation of their wares, both as a supplement and as an alternative to printed media.

Introduction to Digital Web Books

Electronic Brochures produced using DNAml’s DeskTop Author software are called Digital Web Books. These e-Publications may be easily emailed, made downloadable from a website or distributed on CD (or floppy disk).

PC users can leaf through the pages of Digital web books rather like their physical counterpart, using a simple point and click method. Index links enable quick access to other pages within the e-Publications, while links to email and to websites, encourage further viewer interactivity. The documents are small in file size relative to other formats and are complete with an eye-catching 3D page turn effect.

Examples of Digital Web Books may be downloaded from the following link –

What can they be used for?

Digital Web Books are currently used by all manner of businesses, both large and small, to create everything from annual reports to a company profiles for dissemination to stakeholders.

See below for a short list of suggested applications

  • e-Books
  • Online Manuals
  • e-Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Digital Catalogues
  • Online greeting cards
  • Digital Resumes
  • Digital Digital Diaries
  • Digital Photo Albums
  • e-Presentations
  • Client portfolios
  • Training materials
  • Intranet publications


How are they produced?

Digital Web Books can contain images and text in any layout as required and software users can copy and paste content into the program from existing artwork. Zero programming experience is assumed and authors with little PC experience can get started quickly with an ever increasing library of in-built templates and buttons.

Fast production of professional looking e-Publications is assisted by intuitive editing tools within the software. In addition to extensive help resources within the package, users can further rely on technical support via email.

Agencies or companies can opt for in-house production or out source to a growing number of production agents.

One such agency is Eclipse, a leading web integration and digital marketing provider and subsidiary of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. Peter Williams the CEO of Eclipse says, "One of the big issues facing clients is how to get rich information to consumers and also harness the viral effect. DeskTop Author allows us to produce a world class material that is highly portable as well as interactive, with the recently released forms and communication features built into the product. The ease of use of the product allows us to produce high quality Digital web books and very low cost. DNAml are also the most responsive software product company we have worked with. Whenever we take feedback to them regarding new features or improvements they listen and respond."

What makes them different from any other electronic format?

Savings on production and distribution are legitimate reasons for the use of electronic media as an adjunct to or substitute for print, as are the immediacy of delivery and the updateable nature of information in electronic form. Cost cutting makes for a compelling business case in many circumstances but so too, do effectiveness and return on investment.

With Digital Web Books, marketers have the added advantage of being able to gather intelligence from consumers, using the unique forms feature. Users can enter information into input fields within the documents (such as name, address and date of birth etc.) or be prompted to select from pre-defined responses to questions (using drop-down menus, tick boxes, multi-selection boxes and/or radio boxes).

Pre-defined responses may be evaluated against “correct” answers from within the document, providing the user with a "result" that may be reviewed and sent to the originator via email or to a database at the click of a button. This information can then be analysed to assist in refining product or service offerings.

The unique part is that a company can engage a customer from their inbox or desktop rather than via a website. This feature is akin to traditional direct marketing but with the benefit of electronic delivery.

See below for a short list of suggested applications:

  • Tests
  • Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Entry forms
  • Competitions
  • Enquiry forms
  • Booking forms
  • Questionnaires
  • Application forms
  • Membership forms
  • Subscription forms


Who is using them?

Digital Web Books are being used by government departments, the automotive industry, real estate, retail and technology companies to mention just a few. One particular industry where the Digital Web Book format is now a preferred product is the travel sector. All major wholesalers and retailers within Australasia accept the format and Accor, Club Med and Air New Zealand are among a growing number of companies publishing DWBs.

Singapore Airlines Holidays has recently launched a range of brochures in the Digital Web Book format. These may be viewed on the following link:

Singapore Airlines Holidays Marketing Manager said, “Digital Web Books are fantastic for the travel industry. Brochure distribution costs are dramatically reduced, and our eBrochures can be delivered at the touch of a button! It’s also great for travel agents who can access all our brochures online, rather than keeping a large supply in the office.”

Product price and availability

DeskTopAuthor 3 is available from the DNAml website and costs approximately Australian$195.00 per single machine license. For more information or to download a free trial version of DeskTopAuthor, please visit

Recommended system requirements for DeskTop Author include: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP, 32 MB RAM, Pentium class processor, and 4 MB free hard drive space.

About DNAml

In operation since 1999 and based in Fox Studios Sydney, Australia, DNAml, continues to lead innovation in the field of electronic publishing with its flagship DeskTop Author package based on the Digital Web Book format. Building on exponential growth in its customer base and widespread acceptance of the 3D page-turning document format in 2002, DNAml is releasing the next generation of the software that incorporates major new features. For further information please visit or contact:

Richard Springhall

Fox Studios Australia
Moore Park, NSW 1363

Tel: +61 2 8353 3681
Fax: +61 2 8353 3683